10 Things You Need To Know About An Alpha Female

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There are days I wish I was an alpha female.. God knows I would lean on myself more than other people. I would walk the streets, look people in the eye and never be afraid to ask them why they are looking. I would call people out on their bullshit, out loud, right there and then without taking days to think everything over. But here I am, just being me! (Subscribe to the blog, so you get to know me a little bit more)

I have a few friends who are alpha females, I wonder if they know that they are. I had to get used to who they are and map my way around getting comfortable with them. One thing that always got in the way was the issue of confrontation, I am not a confrontational person and you can only imagine how difficult that is. They want to sort things out right there and then, whilst I need to sort out my feelings first and then have a talk.

I am grateful for them because through them, I learnt to actually talk about my feelings. In the past, I would just hold on to the pain and separate myself from the person (read as ghosting). Yes, I too went through the season of ghosting. These queens will give you a sharp, ‘NO!’ and you will feel it in your soul. It doesn’t matter who is around you, they will serve it. Another thing that rubbed me off the wrong way because I prefer being scolded privately.
Talk about learning each other.

You might cross paths with an alpha female, and here is what you need to know:

THEY HATE EXCUSES – just own up to your faults and keep it moving. Alpha females will pick at your little excuse until you look and feel stupid so save yourself and just have an honest conversation with them. I swear to you, they are always one step ahead of you.

THEY HATE BEING CONTROLLED – independence is their song. cues Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child If you ever for a minute think that you can steer their wheel, KHOHLWA (FORGET). They take control of their lives, they know exactly what they want and how they want it done. Must be fun sexing an alpha female, don’t you think?

THEY HATE DISRESPECT – if there is a person out there who knows her value, it is this woman and she does not have the time to be taken for a fool. She is not going to settle for less so best believe once you disrespect her, she is leaving.

THEY HATE EMOTIONAL ABUSE – remember what I said earlier about confrontation? The moment that they pick up your emotional manipulation, they are letting you know that you are crossing a boundary. Her well being comes first, always!

THEY HATE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN OTHER – ever met a person who talks down to people so much you would think they get paid for it? I am no alpha female but I absolutely dislike these people too. If this is you, then please, save yourself some time and stay away from an alpha female.

She will chew you and spit you out. They believe that every human is equal and that each one should be treated with respect.

THEY HATE PEOPLE WHO ARE UNRELIABLE – I think there is an inch of me that is alpha female because this right here! The only difference is, I will listen to your excuse, believe you and act like it never happened until it happens again. #Sigh

Back to alpha females, if you have set up a meeting be there or at the very least communicate well in time if you are not going to make it. If you make a promise keep it because they would do the same for you too.

THEY HATE LIES – as we all do. Only difference is because they are blunt in nature, they expect the same from you. Be explicitly truthful with them and you will be the best of friends.

LACK OF SUPPORT – these people are the perfect definition of your ride or die. If they say they got you back, honey they do. Goes without saying that they love passionately too, so your one job is to love them back and catch them when they fall. Be there!

THEY HATE BEING MANIPULATED – trying to trick her into doing something, she can see right through you and if you are not careful you will come out the fool. DO NOT TRY IT!

THEY HATE UNFAITHFULNESS –tell her if you want to see other people, she might consider an open relationship. If you want out then tell her, it will hurt but not as much as cheating. No pain compares to that!


We love you as you are, you are amazing people and the world would never be the same without you. From the bottom of my heart, I ask you this one thing; take time to learn other people too. We are not carved the same and the one way to spread love is to know each other.

I encountered an alpha female a few weeks back and I could tell she didn’t care to hear me or understand me. It felt as though she wanted to come out on top instead of having a conversation. I felt myself burn up with rage so I walked away. Needless to say, my entire day was a mess from then on.

I do not know her personally but she made me realise that there is a part of alpha females that doesn’t stop to listen or learn. Being right feels great, I know, but you will not always be right.

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