So recently a picture has been circulating of a school teacher who was dressed to kill and some have called it ‘inappropriate,’ for school. Some have said that it is ‘distracting,’ the students. When I read the comments I almost lost my mind because I did feel like people where being a little too much. So let us look at the pic first.

I get it, when people think ‘female teacher’ then they thinking a long skirt and a boring blouse from the 1960’s. Tell me I am lying when I say that when you think of a teachers dress code there is no color and it really is just BORING. I am right aren’t I? Someone commented, ‘For a teacher she sure knows how to dress!’ Has my point been proved? This woman’s crime is not in her clothes, it is in her body. She embraces it and now it is a problem, I have not seen a single picture where her boobs are hanging out or there is too much skin showing. When she wore something short she, she wore really dark stockings to cover up.

I am not playing the racist card, I am just being real for a moment. If this very same outfit was on a white woman’s body, do you think there would have been this much noise about it? I will wait for the response in the comment section. There is a reality that comes with being a black woman in a work place, every little thing you do is scrutinized. Dress code in the work place has always been an issue + hairstyles (topic for another season). And here is what upsets me the most, it is black people who do this to black women. And I will tell you why I think this happens.

  • As we grew up there are principles that were fed to us, and one of them being how to present yourself in public. As a woman when you dress you should be decent, by decent they meant that your curves must NEVER show. In short, wear a long shapeless garment and be about life. Society has a way of hammering opinions on people its appalling, so now we have these men and women who watched their mothers dress this way and they have passed it on to their children and the cycle continues…
  • With the cycle rolling there have been a few ‘indecent’ humans who broke out of this ‘garment’ mentality and found who they wanted to be outside of society ‘commandments.’ Note that society tells you who to be so much that if you are not careful you may never be able to be you. So these few have broken out and chosen to be themselves and embrace all curves and lumps. They have chosen to dress in what FITS their bodies and guess what? They are indecent and inappropriately dressed. Really? Where?

So with this said.. Dear opinionated human being, we get that you have your own brain with its own dysfunctional way of functioning but we kindly ask that you keep to yourself from time to time. You have the right to pick a bland wardrobe for you and your family but do not expect the rest of the world to look bland too. Some of us like color and we like fitting clothes. We have decided to no longer walk around sweeping the streets with our clothes and looking like we are wearing a box as you would prefer. You may not like how we dress, and we probably don’t like how you leave the house in curtains but we are not loud about it are we? Exactly so, respect is due. Kapish?

Ladies find yourself and embrace you. Life is too short to allow society to rumble louder than our inner voices. The sacrifices we already have to make are enough, allow yourself to walk out of the house feeling grand. It is the least you could do for you! And remember an insult spewed is not a reflection of you, it is however a reflection of them that spewed it. Be kind to yourself and teach yourself not to take things personally when said. STAY QUEENING!



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