I stan people who put in so much into their work, probably cause I am such a hard worker. I prefer to sweat and eat to getting handouts. That party isn’t for me, so today we get to celebrate local brands that do the most!

  1. kuoka – this is not because I designed their logo and won a couple of bucks. No, no it isn’t. However, it is because Lee is still in the process of prepping to launch her brand but if I tell you that it almost seems like you can walk into a shop and buy her premixes you would not believe. She is about to take over the baking industry! (Kinda campaigning for the opportunity to market her brand too).. Follow her on Twitter @leemadzvamuse
  2. Mwedzi box – this is one of the most genius ideas I have seen being implemented. They realized that not everyone has a boyfriend that is loving enough to send flowers and all your cravings during your menses so they created packages! Pads or tampons, painkillers + goodies! Again I say, genius! Just $5 a box… Check them out @mwedzibox
  3. Hair by Fia – firstly I love how this young lady just plugs herself, she is not waiting for anyone who tells her story. She tells it with no shame! You go girl. Sofia is a lover of natural hair and gets this, she is even poetic about kinks and curls. A great hairstylist that you need on your list! @sofiasaungweme
  4. Creative Natives Africa – is a marketing, media and sales firm. They help their clients build, nurture and cultivate profitable relationships with their customers. They on my list cause I need them to give me a serious discount! Twitter: @nativesafrica
    FB: Creative Natives Africa
    Instagram: @creativenativesafrica
  5. Shoppa- yes, because I own it it’s on this list. I have done so much self calling during this challenge. We are aware of the outrageous pricing of basic goods in Zimbabwe so we are here to help. We shop for all things legal in South Africa and have them delivered to your doorstep! Zimbabwe, we are only one app/email away! 0640370563/yourshoppa@gmail.com.

That’s it from me today. CIAO!

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