My gallery is ridiculously packed with pics and so you can imagine how hard this was. To pick just 5 memories from a thousand, a task but here goes something.

That’s a memory I will forever hold, just looking at this book fills me with emotions. This book means a lot to me and I don’t think many understand. I wrote about personal experiences and relived painful memories. I poured myself into it and I hope every reader takes something from this book

I love music! And when I release something anxiety always kicks in and I am never sure how the song will do. If it will do what I want it to do. If people will receive it or turn their backs on it. This picture reminds me of appreciation of the art I create. S/O to Moto Moto Podcast.

This screenshot is special to me. I remember seeing this competition and telling myself I am not good enough. That I won’t get it right, I doubted myself so much. A very good friend of mine pushed me off the edge, as always, and I went for it. I came first, I learned that trying is all we need sometimes. Just do your best and let life unfold!

I lost my grandfather this year and this was one of the most painful losses. I couldn’t go home to lay him to rest. I received pictures and videos from family and it broke me even more. He is the reason I am a lover of nice things. I love you khulu, RIP.

For some, it probably isn’t the first time you have seen this pic. Some are tired of it, well, I don’t care. Losing weight is something I will always celebrate because I proved a couple of people wrong and went for what I wanted so, IN YOUR FACES!

There, 5 pictures, 5 memories. Are you willing to share yours? The comment section is open! CIAO!

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