‘Anybody and everybody can blog! It’s nothing special.’ Uhhhhhmmm no! If you could just step aside and let me tell you why it’s not for everybody and anybody. Why it’s special. We do not just wake up scribble and post, it takes time and dedication. Listen up!


Why do you want to start a blog. What does your ‘why’ do for your readers. Does is teach them new things? Does it leave them motivated? Most importantly what does your ‘why’ mean to you, because if it isn’t a heavy conviction you have about a week of blogging and you are out! I had my ‘why’ then thought I was a guru. I tried to get into other people’s why’s and well I didn’t even have more than 10 blogs in those categories. Grow your why!


If your introduction is dull then people might not read any further, I know I won’t. Your introduction needs to captivate the reader so much so they forget they have chicken in the oven. Capture them with emotion or describing the setting or a shocking statement. If they don’t read further then well, they are really broken. Remember when you share your link, people see the intro and if it is not captivating they will scroll right past it. Learn how to come up with catchy titles.


If I am to blog about body positivity and my title reads ‘BODY,’ chances of people clicking it is lose to zero. My friends may read cause, loyalty. But you need more than your friends to make it as a blogger so draw the people in. A title that reads ‘WHAT IS BODY POSITIVITY?’ will definitely have people clicking and reading. Some because they don’t know and some because they are ready to fight your definition. Either way you have that traffic!


A sentence can make a paragraph, it’s ok. Once you have a paragraph with more that 10 sentences it already looks like too much to sit through. So play tricks and add qoutes, readers are bound to read those before anything else. If theybare captivating then they will start from the top. So remember to paragraph.


I am guilty of this one right here. I often tell myself I am good at this and so my body of work is great! Then someone pin points my errors, so embarrassing. You don’t know who is going to end up on your blog so make sure your work is on point. PROOFREAD!


If you sign a contract with yourself to say you are to blog every Monday and Friday then please stick to it because your readers are waiting on you. The moment you lack consistency, you lose your readers. This is one of the most important lessons I have learn. Starting over isn’t fun, take it from me.

These are the 6 things that I have learnt in my 4 years of blogging. I am probably to learn much more too. Some of these points work for creatives as a whole so if you are reading this and you have points to add on drop them in the comment section. Let’s help each other to grow! Oh, and remember to hit the follow button. CIAO!

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