8 Ways To Survive Your 20’s

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I have not made it out of my 20’s yet and quite frankly half the time I am choked up, curled up into a ball and contemplating life. Nobody ever warned us about this adulting thing, they painted a picture of financial freedom and so much more. What is freedom when the bills stay piling and the responsibilities get real? With each speed hump I have learnt something though, I am sure more is to come as I continue to fight these 20’s blues.

  1. STAY IN YOUR LANE: I know, the pressure to be where it’s happening because FOMO. The need to keep up with the trends and be insta perfect. The actual need to pop bottles whilst rocking the best summer body! I am feeling the pressure as I type, woooaaahhh! Dear 90’s baby, stay in your lane and spare your bank account. The reason why we end up super depressed is because we have done these things to fit in then we can hardly afford a bun for breakfast. Do what you CAN AFFORD with what you EARN! The time to do it all will come around, do not let insta push you off the edge

2. AVOID COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE: This is one of the hardest things to do, who am I kidding everything about ones 20’s is hard! Like really hard! This one I still battle with if I am being honest but on the days when I walk away from the thought of comparing myself to someone else in the same industry as I, my day goes so much better. Comparing yourself to other people creates self doubt. You will find yourself in a space where everything you have done becomes useless and worthless.This is not the space to be in, so be kind to yourself and stop. Remember our stories are not the same, yours may be unfolding slower but it is rolling out. Be patient.

3. FIND YOUR THERAPY ROUTINE: Believe it or not this is very important. You need a healthy therapy routine, so no, alcohol isn’t the way even though it is ‘therapy,’ for many of us. For me, it’s writing and jogging. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by this life ting I turn to either and maybe ice cream too but you get the point. If it has to be a therapist then please do it because mental health is important. If you can couple a therapist and a routine then DO IT!

4. LET GO OF YOUR DEMONS: You know those people that hurt you so bad in the past, with both their actions and words? Yea, let them go RIGHT NOW! Firstly because they do not give a rats ass about you, they have moved on and are happy. So all this pent-up anger is only tearing you down. Write a letter to this person or these people, you may or may not send it but just let it out. Matter of fact however it is that you let go of anger do it, and forget those demons. They are not worth your time at all.

5. FORGIVE YOURSELF: I had to learnt o forgive myself, this was so hard. Ever sat to think back and cringed at certain things you did, things you know you could have avoided. Yep, I hated myself and I did not even know it. I was not doing myself any good, I found myself in a place where if I made a mistake I would say the meanest things to myself. I allowed myself to believe that all I was was a mistake that’s why I birthed them. I ran out of passion for many things I loved because I saw no point in trying, chances are I was going to blow it anyway. If this is you, then STOP IT! We all make mistakes so learn from them, we becomes legends of our own through lessons.

6. DEDICATE AT LEAST 4HRS EVERYDAY TO YOUR PASSION: I speak for those who have those day jobs they hate so much. The jobs that are just getting you by, they are a blessing but not were you are trying to be either, yep! If you can do more than 4hrs then great but whatever you do, do not use your employers time. So this is after work, after a shower and some good food. Take time out to do something in line with your career, if it is reading a book, writing a song, a dance session please by all means DO IT! If you are unemployed like me, then 8hrs is the minimum for you, ok? GREAT!

7. PRACTISE THE ART OF SAVING: I know! What is saving when there is so much to do. I started to think of saving as some sort of sacrifice for the future. So I sacrifice that shoe I want to save cause better shoes will come in the future. Sounds so silly but works for me, SOMETIMES. I am no saving guru but all I know is that it is important guys we need to do it. If you are reading this and you are an expert at saving, school us we are your students!

8. STAY AT HOME: Why are you moving out? Please stay at home until it makes sense. That’s all I got on this one!

I probably have not learnt it all, so please can we help each other survive this terrible terrible thing they call a 20’s phase. Comment section is open, LETS! Oh please subscribe to the blog, I promise it will be worth your time! CIAO!

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