The thumb numbed all the pain.

Numbed the hurt she had been caused by those she loved and trusted.

Numbed the depression that hit her when things seemed not to go well.

It wiped away the tears she cried, whether they were of sorrow or joy.

The thumb knew just when to sooth her.

She needed it…


The index finger pointed out all the right things about her.

It showed her the twinkle in her eyes.

It showed her the curves on her body she doubted so much.

It showed her  her beautiful smile, even with a chipped tooth.

It showed her the success she had forgotten.

Pointed at the changes she made that she did not notice.

It even pointed out the talents she buried and chose to forget.

She adored it…

7335 - Adore

The middle finger defended her.

It never let anyone tear her down.

When life pushed her over it was there to lift her up.

When failure tugged at her, it knocked out of the way.

When those that hated her spat at her it wiped it away and spat back.

When she almost harmed herself it stopped her and pulled her to safety.

She found peace in it..


The ring finger loved her so dearly.

It loved her round face and half smile.

It loved her heart and her short temper.

It loved her sensitivity, her shyness.

It loved the body she wasn’t confident in.

It loved her crazy personality.

It loved the way she prayed and believed.

It loved ALL of her.

She loved it too..

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The pinky finger showered her with promises.

Promises never to be broken.

Promises of joy.

Promises of everlasting love.

Promises of faithfulness.

Promises of adoration.

Promises of success.

Promises of promises.

She showered it with promises too.


The palm was her strength.

Strength to carry on when it seemed impossible.

Strength to get up and crawl before she walks.

Walk before she runs.

Run before jumps.

Jump before she flies.

Strength to love unconditionally.

Strength to pray when her spirit said no.

Strength to smile when she was in a puddle of sorrow.

She depended on it.


She depended on her lovers hand-ful of love.

Do you depend on yours?


  1. You are a genius, your concept of what each finger did to create the handful of love is awesome. i as a writer would never have thought of it in this manner. The concepts in your mind should not be under-estimated, you are a true creative even with the use of images to endorse the sub-topic in each stanza. I will definitely keep this on my reading list for years to come.

    On the constructive side: I wish to see more use of metaphors and similes in future work. It will jsut endorse the pure talent that is already there. Even without them however in thios poem, the symbolism and imagery of what each finger made… amde the whole poem one big metaphor.

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