Dear Bu

I miss you. I know what it was like for you here, things were hard and you barely had anyone to lift you up. I know I did not make it easy for you’ve either but I hope you understand that I don’t make the rules.

I for one love you, and would rather have you here. What am I without your sound? What am I without your drunken same moves under the moon? What am I without your resounding laugh? Who here will wear two different shoes and walk the streets with so much confidence? Do you think there is a better voice to tell the youths that they are enough?

I guess you get it. I miss you and need you back here. On most nights I hear your cry and I want to pull you back to your space of happiness but I see the boundaries that won’t allow for this happen. When does it end? This separation, when will we bridge it? I surely pray it is soon.


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