Dear Child

I feel it too. I feel the pain you feel every other day. The pain that they choose to ignore. I know what it is like when they tell you that it’s just a trying time and you going to be fine. I know what it’s like when they call your pain and depression a DEMON that only needs prayer. I know what it’s like when they talk about you like you are possessed by some spirit your uncle or aunt left in you before they died. I know what it is to be taken to a witch doctor in the name of you need deliverance from the spirit that is hovering in you and messing with your life and sanity. There is no turning back from the trauma that is left in you after all these experiences. There is no coming back from the brokenness that lives in you because all you wanted was for someone to listen to why you hurt. All you wanted was a few minutes to explain why the situation at home or school hurts you so bad. All you really wanted was one person who would have given you a heartfelt hug, a hug filled with apology. A person who would acknowledge that indeed all that has or is happening isn’t right and they will try fix it for you. For your sake. You just wanted to feel relevant in every decision made that would affect you and your life. But it turns out it was too much to ask and therefore all you know today is pain. Today you look out for no one else but yourself. And now they say you are selfish, pardon you for taking care of yourself. Even today you can’t let them know that somehow it’s their fault because they didn’t listen to you.

Stay strong African Child. You are still special and unique in the eyes of the Lord. Take that depression and hand it to the Lord. In the mirror see a hero look back at you. Born to stand up for yourself, to run a race with depression. We both know you will not lose, at the finish line you pick up a trophy of freedom. Don’t get it twisted though this cup you must want, you must fight for, you must yearn for. On your knees you go and in the mirror you stare, watch the old you disappear and the beautiful you emerge from deep within.

It’s time to forgive them that abandoned us and dwell in our freedom. Its sweet, trust.


Your LIFE.

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