Dear Fear

Wow, I can’t believe I am sitting here writing this letter to you. I never thought I would have to walk away from our friendship. We had a good thing going and that’s why my heart breaks that I have got to let you go but hey. They do say selfishness is needed at certain points in life. They say as we grow into better people we lose friends. They say stick to those that build you and leave the rest behind. I guess it’s that time in my life. #sigh


I loved you, I did. Please believe me when I say so, I wouldn’t lie to you. But it’s sad how you lied to me every chance you got. You told me not to go forward because I would burn. You said opportunity was a scam and it would drown me. You swore the world was out to see me fall apart, that I needed to close myself in a cocoon and stick to you. Oh my you are the reason for my stagnation have not known progress in so long and I didn’t see it. I thought I was ok but I have not grown one bit. People called for me, they invited me to take a leap of faith with them but you painted a picture of them letting me go mid-leap. You painted a picture of them laughing at me for my foolishness, for believing that they had my back and only wanted the best for me. Remember that time I had that bright idea and you dimmed it. How could I not see your evil ways, you truly are the devils cousin.


All along you were the enemy. All along you were the one ready to let me go mid-leap. You held my hand tight not because you loved me but because you didn’t want me exploring faith. You couldn’t stand the idea of me being my own person, me building myself into a stronger character. You weakened me and delayed my breakthrough. You crumbled my dreams because they were too bright for you to handle, you knew I would be better off without you didn’t you? You knew, you knew..!! I’m not staying another minute. I am not listening to another word from your mouth. I am leaving and trust that it’s for good. I would say see you on the other side but I don’t belong in hell. Happy burns to you FEAR!




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