Dear Death

I have no time for hello’s with you. I have no urge to love you nor to like you. For as you stand you are the definition of sorrow. The cause for tears. The root of unending pain. You sicken every inch of me. You are an offense to sight, too ugly!

I could swear you were birthed by the devil himself, ready to burn us for our decision to love so dearly. Your timing is always wrong and you strike as you please, selfish. You aim for our hearts and leave us bleeding. Snatch that which we love and smile as you walk away. Who birthed you?

How do you live with yourself? Is our hurt your joy? Do our tears quench your thirst? Do you feed from our depression?

You must be a cousin of sleep because you do creep in like a thief in the night.Our most priced possessions you carry with you. No tracks or marks of you are ever left behind, all you leave are paths to broken hearts. Broken hearts that can not be mended. Broken hearts that know not were to find permanent glue. I’m sure you hid that remedy too, psychopath.

I wish you the sweetest and slowest death filled with pain. And i pray that I can watch it happen so I  show my face and you remember the pain you caused me too. So I watch you shed tears that won’t save you, I could even bottle a few of my own for you.

I know you are unmoved but best believe your time to say goodbye shall come.



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