Dear John and crew

I really sat and thought about each of you and that made it impossible to pick one to write about so here is a letter to all of you.

Ferd, you are a fave sometimes. We-vibe so much big bro and I tell you all my stupid little feelings and trials and you always have my back. When I am messing up you remind me who I am and what I am capable of. I remember you bumping into one of my poems back then, and you saw my talent but you also worried about my mental health. You picked up on my brokenness right away, and you gave me a hug. Oh, and when I got suspended at school, you went and told aunt Pam for me. You also witnessed my first drunk moment, when I broke aunt Pam’s plates and I looked at you with a blank face. Yep, you have seen it all! I never imagined I would see you play dad, but ay, here we are!

Dumie, my drinking buddy. Fam we have fought, argued, disliked each other and forgave each other. I have enjoyed watching you grow into the man you are today, you have become more forgiving over the years. You have also become the person who stands for truth and love, I love to see it. I can not wait to come back home so we can drink together and you try to sell me off to one of your niggas for a drink. You fool! Anyway, lobola ndoda.

Please add me to your TBR list. Thank you!

Bapsy, damn I miss you. I hung out with you a lot, we had dreams fam and sooner than later we learnt that wanting things does not mean we will get them. You watched me try so many things, win and lose at some. You supported me when you could and I will never forget that. I guess we grew apart as time went on, our battles were different, that’s what I tell myself. You are a father of 3 beautiful girls now, you scammed us fam, said you would not get married until you were 40 and here we are.

To Francis, Vusa, Bruce, Fidelis, and Melusi oh how I wish we had known each other better but so many things got in the way including the divisions that exist among us. Our parents did a great job at creating those and now we are here thinking we can weigh love according to our bank accounts. Sad but true for us. I do care for you all regardless, I would like to imagine you would be on my side at any time when I need you.

I wish you all the best and I truly care for each of you.



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