Dear John the Hotep

You are one proud human being, walking around these streets like you own them, of course, you feel like you own them because you were raised to believe ou were superior over women. What was I thinking of hoping you would see things through my eyes. Meh!

We could do without the likes of you on this earth the only thing that bothers me is that you are spreading your sickness far ad wide and with every attempt, we put out to try and stop you we fail. It is honestly exhausting and deep within me I am convinced you do it all on purpose. I believe you all meet somewhere in a dark corner that reeks of arrogance and plan on what to say next just to piss women off.  

I believe with all my heart and soul that what you yearn for is the attention your arrogance comes with because you were starved of attention growing up. I may use this as an excuse for you because somehow I do not want to believe that your brain tells you that all you say makes sense. It can not be, right? I know we often say one’s opinion needs to be respected but when you speak my respect shies away from you. I don’t even have to try, my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head and all I want to do is throw up.

Issa book by me and for you!

As I am writing this letter I am realising that I too may be part of the problem considering that I realise the real reason you do the things that you do. My girls and I are always ready to fight, we always want to make a point and so we shout at the top of our lungs. We gather in our corners too and cook up hashtags to try to prove a point, our blog posts are about (ironic that this one is about you too) we give screen time just to address you, meanwhile, you are not bothered. You do not hear what we have to say, all you wanted was the five minutes of shame.

I think the worst of your kind are those who go as far as coming back to apologize and acting like you understand what you did, shortly after you start a stupid little organisation to shine a light on your ‘queens.’ Or the ones with the seats in high places that start speaking up for women and shouting out loud how important it is for them to get seats in the high places too, we always fall for these ones. We do not realize how calculated the moves are because shortly after they will be running for president.

I experienced on of you on my timeline this yea and in the beginning, I wanted to educate him and then I realized, I was fueling his drive with every tweet I sent out so I sat it out. We will not get rid of you by giving you attention but by ignoring you and allowing you and your ‘beliefs,’ to run wild all on your own. Who are you without an audience?

This letter really isn’t for you, it is for everyone else who still get riled up by your stupidity. I want them to know that I found the formula and if we all work together you will soon be irrelevant.

Good bye Ho

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