Dear John

I spoke about you in my book and here we are again. I guess this time with a different angle, more of an apology rather than telling the full story of what happened between us. (Dear reader if you are curious, buy the book here!)

It has been years and every time I think about how I went about things I cringe, I high key want the ground to bury me because what was that. You are a very nice guy and even then you loved me without question, I just had a wandering eye and thought bagging the coolest guy in the school would do me some good. By that I mean gain me some popularity, haaaaa high school truly is a joke.

But here is the one thing I did not think about then, the implications my actions had on your mental health. There was no space for you to breathe and forget that I existed. You had to watch me move on like we had nothing going on and that could not have been easy. Add to the fact that high scholars are not kind at all, I can not begin to imagine what was being said to you in the dormitories. I moved mad, and put you in the most awkward position ever, for that I apologize.

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On the list of reasons you have trust issues, my name pops up, doesn’t it? I hate that I did that to you, I do not know if this will make you feel better but best believe karma kicked my ass. You deserved way better and I know that now. Unfortunately, it is too late, we are grown and leading different lives.

You have always been a kind-hearted human being and I remember when we met last year we had a conversation about what happened back then and you laughed it off. You hold no grudges against me and I bet everyone reading this is cussing at me because they too can tell that I messed up. Today you are happily married with a beautiful baby girl, I am truly happy for you. I wish you happiness that never fades, you deserve it.



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