Dear John

This song was a jam and to be honest it gels well with this story.

Pick a brother from the church they said, he will treat you right they said. Sheesh! I don’t know what I was thinking listening to them but I did, I guess I can not completely blame them because you came on strong sir. It was at your birthday party, in that garage that we potted each other. I wanted to act like I was not interested but you could read me, for a minute I thought you could see straight through to my soul. And that was the beginning of a series that would en din tears.

It all started off pretty well, I loved spending time with you. We were inseparable and my mother hated it because she thought it would mess up my grades. It was so bad one day she sat us down and had to remind you where I was with life. You played the gentlemen who wanted the best for me. You were so cute, I loved your laugh, I can still hear it. You were such a bad boy too, and maybe that’s why I was attracted to you like that, bad boys are fascinating until they break your heart.  

You told me stories about what your father taught you including that when you kill a person using a knife you should throw the knife away in a river. I should have known right there and then that something was wrong with you, or your father for giving his son such advice. Ask me why I ignored the fact that you moved with a knife everywhere you went, why was I not afraid? You would get into a panic every time you forgot it at home, surely that was meant to open my eyes. But nope, I swore to love.

Love could have killed me, I only wake up the day you went out for your usual haircut. You barber messed up and you arrived at my mother’s house with a pink face, that is how angry you were. You did nothing all afternoon but drink water whilst staring into the distance. I was shaken, I couldn’t understand what was happening. I was afraid of agitating you so I sat it out and let you be. Later that day you went out with my brother and when he returned he told me a horror story with so much joy, I was confused.

You went out and waited for that man to knock off and you beat him up for a mistake he made. I truly do not understand why you did this, surely you made mistakes too. You were a regular client, I doubt he did that on purpose, but you chose to punish him. Days later he had moved out of the neighbourhood and left his job. It made me wonder why a man would up and leave. You threatened his life, didn’t you?

That is when I knew my life was in danger. That is when I realized one day I would make a mistake and you would put your hands on me too, I was shook and did not know what to do to call it off and still be safe. Then you cheated with a girl from the hood, I met her, such a lovely soul and that was my ticket out. We became friends after that and you know what, you saved us both from your violent ways.

I do wonder where you are now, last I heard from your sister you were in South Africa playing soccer. It was your dream and so I truly hope that it has worked out for you. Above all, I hope that you have dealt with the anger issues you harboured,



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