Dear Father of My Child

I hope I find you well. Either way I am here to speak my mind.

Thank you, thank you so much for blessing my womb. For blessing my arms with such a beauty. In your eyes you saw a burden coming your way and all I see daily is a dime, a priceless dime. You put your reputation before your offspring, are you not ashamed? I bet you are not and that is ok, I hope your reputation stays intact. My reputation, it’s beautiful. I am no longer known as ‘the girl that got impregnated by you.’ That all died when them that spoke saw this child, I am now known as ‘the mother of a priceless dime.’ Do you not think that is beautiful? Will your ego allow you to accept that my reputation is better than yours now? I mean now you are known as ‘the man that left his child.’


My heart cracks for you before it breaks for my dime. Mostly because the same people that pulled you aside and away from this life are the same that have begun to turn on you. Rather they turned on you before anybody else. They used your blessing and turned you into a joke, now you out here walking and they dodge you like a curse. I would have never turned on you, this lil one here would have loved you so much. Doesn’t that sound better than the joke of a life you living now? I am sorry that you made that decision, I am so sorry that you deprived yourself so much joy and peace. It must suck to sit and day dream of something that belonged to you but you walked away from. I don’t ever want to know that pain. Again I am sorry.

My heart breaks every time my precious asks me about you. Other children have fathers and speak highly of them and this dime never has the answers to their questions about you. Your selfishness has caused my child so much hurt and confusion. You hammered this little heart, left it minced. You have even caused me so much confusion, to lie or to tell the truth. Bring out the truth about how heartless and horrible you are. Tell this gem that you left because it was being carved and polished in me. That you cursed the day God decided to bless you. Or I lie and say the devil and his advocates couldn’t wait to take you so your soul is currently tossing and turning in flames, whilst your body rots underground. Do you see what you have done? Do you see your works? What am I to do now? You could have chosen to hate me but love your offspring.


My knees are bruised because frankly I can’t fix my little gems hurt. No words can help. I can provide and love, shelter and clothe, teach and groom but surely I can’t protect this dime from the torture faced back at school and in the streets. I spare these little ears from the evil words that befall them. I can’t heal this broken heart. I know you will never step up, but fall on your knees. Do something right just this once, I am begging you. This is not for me, forget me but not this innocent soul.


Once Yours

The Mother Of The Child That Was Yours


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