Hands up if you have been lied to only because someone has been lied to ages ago. Both my hands are up. Flying high!! These myths are still floating in our midst, someone out there believes them too.

A.M 1~ You should not pass salt into someone else’s hand because you will hate each other. Listen if you hate each other then you hate each other, that is that. I honestly think our grandparents did not want us to accidentally miss the next persons hand and drop the salt, I mean that would be a loss. They could have really just said that though, seriously. We like salt too so we wouldn’t dare want to waste it. The energy they put into lying to us, I stan!

am 1

A.M 2~ If you wear red lipstick or nail polish then you are a prostitute. The nerve, the audacity! Someone out there woke up and opened their mouth to say red=prostitution. Whuuuuuuu human beings do the most. I remember getting artificial nails and painting them red, my brother was quick to ask me to remove it. He was ready to pay for me to go get them re-done so as to protect my image. Till today I do not get it, but oh well rock that red girl. ROCK IT!

AM 2

A.M 3~ At funerals, when serving food you can not carry more than one plate at a time. Doing so invites more deaths in the family. You feel that? Yep, I feel it too, the liar wind wave! I have personally taken it to myself to never part of those that serve food at funerals because honestly all those people now I must do a million trips just because…. Why do we have two hands then? Why? Why are we just making our lives so difficult? Wow, y’all are tiring!

AM 3

I am tired even thinking about this. So maybe you should pitch in right about now, keep this going via the comment box. Cheers!

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  1. Have you heard about difficulty in pregnancy because of a promiscuous husband? To date a huge population of Zambians believe this myth and drink

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