How many times have you tried to hide something from your mother and she still just knew exactly what was going on? I do not know how they do it but I promise you the are the best stalkers in the word. The whole entire world, forget undercover brothers. I can’t wait to be a mother and automatically inherit these skills too, must be fun. No, no I am sorry about that, I can wait..

'I see you haven't developed any motherly instincts yet!'
‘I see you haven’t developed any motherly instincts yet!’

This one time I had just gotten into a relationship and it was lit. But I just didn’t want to tell anyone until I was sure it was going to last. You know how these tings go, first 10 days are out of this world then it just  starts fading, ok maybe not 10 but you get what I am saying right. So here I am thinking my secret is under wraps and one day I am just going to surprise everyone because mans was from church. He was hot too, just saying. One afternoon I had made mum and I some good food. I think my little sisters were away on holiday cause it was just us. I am excited about the food we about to eat because I am a foodie and quite frankly I think that whole meal was an experiment. Mum and I gained weight that holiday telling ourselves we were eating healthy kanty we were overdosing on carbs. Anyway back to the actual story, we say a prayer before digging in. 3 forks in she says, ‘so who is he?’ Now I am on the other side of the table looking like I just saw a ghost. I reply, ‘he who?’ I promise you I thought my face was convincing enough. Who was I kidding I was staring at my food as though it would save me. I t really wasn’t, like at all. She said, ‘YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW, WHO IS IT?’ One thing she taught me well was to be honest, we had a relationship I was not about to break for a guy so out my secret went..

mother 1

This was not the only thing she called me out on when I thought I was being smart. I am grateful for this supernatural unbeatable power that my mother has.  I mean on some occasions it really did save me and on some it got under my skin. I was there like why wont you just be quiet? No matter what I say it is the reason she knew when to save me, and that is priceless. I hear even animal mommas have this instinct too, so cool right. Which gets me thinking do animals date? Topic for another day, I know your momma used this super power on you too. Share please! Ciao

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