This should be day 8 right, right. This year marks the least adventurous years of my life. The least, and this might turn out to be the shortest blog post you will ever find on here. You know why? Because the new discovery I made was a pie, yep a pie. Do you know where I got the pie?

Yes, checkers. So I was hella hungry and needed something to get home and just bite into. I decided a pie would do, into checkers I went. When I got to the bakery area, I asked which flavors were available and as she told me she was pointing at the pies. Listen, I am as black as they come and so i noted where the biggest pies were. I had never had a spinach and feta pie but the size was enough for me to try it. The whole way home I was braving myself for a disaster.

Spinach Feta and Filo Pie, Easy as Pie, Pub Orig WW 24/05/2011

I am such a food lover and trust me when I say this was best greedy decision I have ever made! This pie is life, it does the thing to your taste buds. It is awesome. It is tantalizing ( I really hate this word). Should I go on? If ever your year gets boring, walk into checkers and try this pie. Might make your cuisine for the year. Cuisine doesn’t fit there does it? Ay I said what I said! Ciao

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