Loyalty loyalty loyalty, where do the boundaries come in exactly? Are there boundaries when it comes to loyalty or are we just out here riding on the ride or die wave? I was watching Hotel Transylvania 3 when I started to think hard on this right here. I watched a grand daughter go after her grandfathers ‘enemy,’ so hard, she just wanted blood. And it was not even because he had done anything to her, she was doing all this based on told stories. It was enough for her to work towards this ‘goal.’

She found herself in an awkward position when she started falling for this man that she was mean to take down. She tried to use the words that had been planted in her to remain focused on killing him, but hey the heart wants what it wants right. In the end she betrayed her grandfather and took the enemy’s side and ended his wife too. AWKWARD!

We hate those that our loved ones hate without even thinking twice about it. Y’all could be in the club and someone passes by and one of your friends hisses, ‘I hate her/him,’ and it is enough for all y’all to swallow that pill. Just like that you have a new enemy and target on your list. Now you are all just waiting for this person to brush one of y’alls shoulder and its on. How do we even think this is healthy? How is it that hate is love?

Listen, I am all for loyalty but do feel like sometimes we are just here being toxic for no reason. Is it not healthier to listen to the reason why your friend, sister, relative dislikes/hates this person and help them to work past it instead of fueling it. If they hate them and hold on to the hurt, pain, and whatever else comes with the hate then they are not at peace. Would you rather have a pandora’s box or a healthy person next to you. Check your loyalty card, many of us are guilty for this. Its all fun, shade and savagery until the after effects start pouring on us, we the close ones suffer from the effects of boxed up hurt and anger.

If you reading this and thinking, girl sit down! I have one question, is it loyalty when the very same person dragging you down this path of hate, hates you for standing next to their enemy by mistake? There is a level of toxic there that I can not even explain, it is as if in pulling together a force to simply make one persons life difficult gives them a sense of power. So does this even feel like love? You are being used as a pawn in some crazy revenge fantasy and you just here waving a loyalty flag. Put that down, YOU sit down! Be careful what you put your energy towards, steer clear of such toxic traits especially if the person is not willing to change their ways. If they are not forgiving towards this person, they definitely won’t be forgiving towards you when you mess up.

Choose real love, choose peace, choose a fresh start. Ciao!

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