I do not know of anything more complex to explain than depression. My brush with it changed me so much talking about it knots my whole brain. Where to begin or how it happened ever feels to tangled up. Believing that the lack of motivation to live, wake up, care or all that was and getting back among the living marked that chapters end would be bliss.

Yet the sad thing I totally did not anticipate was post-depression. The getting better stage. Refilling the empty and depleted parts of me. Oohh that is the reset button my existence wonders why and how long it will go on for. Mediums do not seem to exist that foster the replenishment. Many people I have talked to in post-depression feel different.

Significantly unable to connect with the person in the mirror. Their minds, emotions, and souls having being tagged at their roots pre-depression motivations are pale. That I understood fully. Yet, how to move onwards well as expected lacks supporters for most.

Leaving a dullness cast on life that most wonder if it will ever leave. Those are the demons needing an exorcism. But the priests are nowhere to be found. Heal a healing being, that’s what we need!

Tinashe Maricko Marume

Author of this Blog post

Fashion Designer, Writer, Accountant & A very good friend of mine who likes things. So he jumped onto my challenge.

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