Let me tell what I hate the most about the african I am. RANT-A-LERT..

  1. Why is my business everybody’s business? Mostly my mistakes and not really my wins, y’all just zoom in on the bad. Growing up African and in a nosy family I have chosen to be one of the most secretive person ever. I do not go about telling people nothing, my business is that, MINE! You be out here working on something and the be like, ‘with what you done before you just a bad egg, almost rotten.’ Ok, how about you go then? Go be good over there! Like, I am not even trying to be rotten with you.

rant 2

  1. The pretence and tension that stays lingering. I have never been to a family gathering and not be greeted by a wave of tension, never! Why my people always mad, this why y’all age so fast. Can’t we all just get along? Man I am even afraid to eat the food, afraid one will spit in the enemies food and forget which plate is which. I get my own food, yeah thats what! You know damn well there is gossip at every corner at any given time, the person you talking about is right over there. Go tell them, coward

rant 3

  1. You a witch, you a witch, you a witch, everybody a witch! As long as you were poor before and things start popping for you and at the same time someone who was rich gets poor, tag you it! But lets pause, what if the witch is the one who is now getting poor, what if they had stolen my wealth? Why is it never that? Matter of fact why can’t it just be life, sometimes we lose things because of poor management. That is nobody’s fault but him who has poor management. You get rich and you splurge on material things to show off and then you run out of money, where do I and my new wealth come in? Please!


  1. The fights over who gets what when one passes on. So you were waiting for this person to die in order to get their life’s work just like that? So all hell must break loose just because the fantasy you built in your head is not coming together. Now we must fight you for fighting the elder’s honestly its a drag. Take what you given and go, stop feeling entitled with your lazy self.

rant 1

Notice how everything is number 1, cause all these things make me feel the same, ANGRY.. I am going to kermit now, bye!


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