Blind folded by skin, she never gave up

She doesn’t know light, she doesn’t know watching sunrise

She doesn’t know color, she doesn’t know vision

Blind folded for life

He was never awarded with the gift of sight

I wonder if he can paint pictures in his mind

Look at her work hard

Watch her raise her children, she sees right through them

The irony

Look at him slave for his offspring

Watch him bring bread and butter home, he loves their smiles

“We will not watch our kids die of hunger, they will not know of poverty. They will go to school and be a success. We will not watch them slave as we have, neither will we let them know nakedness. The cold will be a myth to them as long as we breathe. We are their guardian angels and God their leader. Our children, we will watch over,” they said.


The sun we have seen rise, the colors that beautify the world we know we have seen

The nakedness our parents have seen on us, they have never seen

The smiles we parade, they have only felt

The flapping of our eyelids, they have only heard of it


We take it for GRANTED

We have excuses for EVERYTHING that sits right BEFORE us

We CLOSE our EYES just cause we CAN when they ask for help

We LOOK to the HEAVENS for help and FORGET them when they ask for help

We LOOK AWAY from them, how heartless are we?

We are BLIND FOLDED by CLASS and WEALTH, watch it disappear

*Stop acting BLIND in the presence of those BLIND FOLDED BY SKIN*







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