Truth be told, we have a long way to go. I have noted a few things about my fellow bloggers, tell me I am lying when you find the lie. Matter of fact log off soon as you find a lie.

  1. We are self-absorbed. That hit home didn’t it? We are so concerned about our growth, not a bad thing, but for us it’s extreme. Reading someone else’s blog is giving them an extra view, oh no we couldn’t! We would rather die! We have learned so much, tried different strategies and we have won but would never share because then everyone else will win. Can’t be us!
  2. We are lazy writers who want results. ‘Nobody is subscribing to my blog, I been blogging for a year.’ Ok then, here is a question. Do you have a calendar for your blog? How often do you review your blog, reevaluate and restrategize? I took this too far, how consistent are you in blogging? Yep, there you have it.
  3. We lack originality. Many of us started blogging because we logged onto Twitter and saw a tweet reading ‘oh my gosh your blog has helped me so much, thank you for writing.’ That one tweet had you think, this could be me, you stalked the blogger and decided you could do what they were doing. Copy and paste! Errrrrm, no!
  4. Our posts are unnecessarily long. For some reason, we believe the longer the post, the wiser we sound. What happens with most of these long posts is we get lost in our own voice. We forget the point and miss the mark. Guess who isn’t coming to read your blog, yep that new reader.

I stop here for today. All I am saying is we need to do better and we can. Reevaluate! I love you my lovelies.. CIAO!

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