Body Conscious

This Is My Body.

This space is for you and I to tell our stories for one reason only; to educate people on the importance of body positivity. It is one thing for someone to give you an inspirational quote, it’s another when they share their life story.


I have spoken about my body so much, I am starting to be a bore. I have shared on my eating disorder, the time I lost consciousness trying to get rid of my body, the times I hated myself and hid my body.

I am opening up this series & platform so we share more stories. With each story we eductae people on the effects that come with body shaming. There is nothing more powerful than a real life story.

I would love to have a sit down with you so we talk about your story. You do need to be comfortable enough to be on camera though. All you have to do if interested is sign up using the form below!

Let’s talk about skin…

The different body shapes…

The different features on our body’s.

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