It has been a long journey for me and I know for many who have been in my shoes getting out of the mindset planted by those around us is beautiful. There is a relief that it comes with that can not be explained by words, or actions. You have to feel it to know it, it is amazing. The best thing that has ever happened for me is women coming together to appreciate themselves and each other. Them coming together and embracing every curve, hump and bump on their body and still doing the Naomi Campbell walk. The power of the net should never be shunned upon because hashtags brought us together even when we were far apart!


Remember the time when the thigh gap was trending. So much shame was brought on women who did not have thigh gaps, plus size or nah you did not count if you did not have a thigh gap. Some monetized the thigh gap mantra with books and diet plans on how get a thigh gap. Many fell victim to the shaming and the diets, tell me the internet has no power one more time please and I will fight you. The #mermaidthighs hashtag countered the thigh gap phase and showed women that it was not worth it. Imagine starving yourself for a thigh gap just because… no can’t be me. So flaunt those mermaid thighs honey because they are it!


I hate wearing a bra so much, I curse the person who invented them every other day. But see growing up it was a thing to have boobs almost touching your chin in them push up bras, it was not right to walk out the gate without a bra on. S/O to Chidera Eggerue for starting this movement because it is IT! I hate how men speak ill of saggy boobs when the reality is that after breast feeding and many other fun activities THE BOOBS WILL SAG! Listen here honey, gravity can not be defied, rock the saggy boobs and keep it moving. Just wear a sports bra when exercising, this hashtag does not apply at that time ok, great!


Tess Holliday must have woken up one day and thought, ‘middle finger to your standards, from today I am doing me. I am embracing my beauty and if you do not like it look the other way. Thank you very much!’ In my head this is how it happened and you know what, I stan! Tall, slim, plus size, light, dark, thigh gap or mermaid thighs however you look you are beautiful! Live life according to your beauty standards, that is all that matters, you and your happiness!


I love this hashtag which I have never used ofcourse, this is only because I recently learnt about it. This hashtag was inspired by Essie Golden an advocate for plus size women. She started this hashtag to encourage plu size women to feel comfortable in swimwear. I remember this one time when I posted a photo of myself in swimwear a few friends cringed and thought it was inappropriate because I am plus size, I never took it down. I love that photo! This also happen with so many other types of clothing, its crazy. Wear what you want to wear, the comfortability that matters is yours and nobody else’s. If you feel good in it then what does it matter what the next person feels about YOUR clothes. #GoldenConfidence

#saggyboobsmatter #GoldenConfidence #effyourbeautystandards #mermaidthighs


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