Here, you will find the content calendar for the blog. If you are a blogger and would like to guest blog for any of the themes, do get in touch with me. Please note that all the challenges advertised here are open to all bloggers/writers. You may download the PDF and get to work! Remember to use the hashtag too.


Learn your love language, your spouses and your friends love language too right here. Oh but listen, you get a few tips on how to gift them according to their love language too.

Valentines is around the corner!

It is very easy to get comfortable and slump into a routine life. That is not only boring but it also begins to take a toll on you. You barely look forward to your day.

In this series we talk about getting out of this space.


I have gotten into relationships just for just only to find out when I am deep within that I am barely compatible with the person. Sounds familiar?

It needs to stop and this series will tell you how.

This is the perfect series to help you prepare for 2020, one that will have you set your values, beliefs and rules.

Most people confuse the 3, so let us make it clear.


Get creative with the love of your life this 2020 and do things differently. Could be the same things but with a little spice.

Each week you get 5 ideas from me to you. Cheers to some good loving.

Women’s History Month!

Do you know what all those women we celebrate in this month had in common? A voice! They found it, owned it and used it.

If you haven’t found yours, this series will help you find it. 


Time for a challenge!

We talk about self-care a lot but do we know what it is? Are we really practicing it?

Find out…


As we continue to spread the news that Africa is not a country, we will celebrate our motherland throughout this month.

African bloggers will be telling stories you do not want to miss right here. Ready?


Challenge number 2! 

You set your goals for the year, most of them were financial. Any personal changes? Apart from leaving people behind of course.

It is never too late, let’s dig into weaknesses and tell real life stories.


Let us work together and spread the gospel of being true to yourself.  

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