15 years ago you stood from afar and bid us farewell

15years ago you took on a journey to better yourself

15 years ago we didn’t know

We didn’t know the plans God had for you but we prayed

We didn’t know that every conversation would be one day all we have

We didn’t know that the photographs would be the only image of you we know

We didn’t know that your voice would only echo from Skype calls we had

We didn’t know that the last touch was the last touch

We didn’t know that we wouldn’t have another shot at life with you

We didn’t know that just one step would steal you from us

We didn’t know that our last conversation with you would be filled with laughter

We didn’t know that when you bid us farewell it was for life

I promise we didn’t know

But God has called you to sit with him

He has summoned yet another one of his children

Left us hurt and broken

Left us in tears and wishing we could have seen you just one more time

Wishing we could have laughed with you one more time

Wishing we could have had hugged you just one more time

That’s all we have, wishes…

Rest in peace Charlie Croker, you are LOVED and MISSED


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