‘Im working, don’t you get it..??’
We get it.. Trust that we get it.. 
Sit back a lil let me drive you into the future..

You worked, well done??.. Nobody can miss your success because it speaks before you do.. It catches a blind mans eyes and sounds in a deaf mans ears.. Well done you made it..!!

You have made it in circles that look like squares from the outside.. We see you but can’t get to you cause we happen to be those people that never made it to your floss.. Even dogs bow down to you, a king with a crown made outta fake hearts..

Well done you made it into a world were nobody actually loved you for who you are.. Heck they don’t even know who you are, but who your money made.. They smile at you so you let them in but once they in they will hit and run.. #truth

Well done you forgot your family whilst chasing ghosts.. You slammed doors in your friends faces so you could jump on the train of facades.. You lost loved ones and never got to say goodbye just so you could share a shot with cold hearted skeletons..

Well done you drove yourself into successful loneliness.. A mansion of sorrow.. Shame clouds you, pride draws you back.. Your words have come back to bite you, ain’t life a joke.. Even ants gather food together but I guess we were just in your way, vision less.. 

Again we say well done.. We miss you but I guess we will speak to you before the dust swallows you,casket conversations..Work on beloved..

*Our choices will haunt us..!!

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