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Round one of the so called big chop got me in trouble with my mother, she was on the highest level of pistivity! I am unsure why our mothers freak out when we cut our hair, is there some sort of attachment we do not know about? This should be a whole topic some day, full blown interviews so we can get the answers we need. Back to the actual topic, HAIR CHOPPING! 

Hair chopping is a whole trend and guess who joined the trend, yes, a whole me. I got tired of the constant need to twist or braid my hair almost daily. Listen, natural hair is a whole job and I woke up one day and started searching the internet for an easy way to maintain my hair. For every search there were haircuts popping up everywhere and I took it as a sign from mama, it was time. I remember sitting in the barbers seat and thinking, am I really doing this? Chopping your hair comes with a lot of mixed emotions so if you ever want to do it, a jar of ice cream afterwards will do.

Stay trendy with short hair and a little color all year round. Here is a con about getting a haircut, you can never walk out the house without any make up. YOU CAN NOT! It will have you looking as basic as ever and listen if you are trying to stay trendy basic isn’t your zone at all. Oh and you will need to play around with accessories and your wardrobe too. But ay, it is very liberating. This brush and go life is the one! Ciao

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  1. Miss me with your hair chopping trend…. I am allergic to barbers
    But hey you should be a poster child for the big chop, you make it look good!!!
    *tucks stray lock of hair behind my ear and keeps scrolling*

    1. C’mon B.. Let’s try it, we can always glue the locks back on.. Oh and thank I am applying for poster jobs!! ???

      1. nope nope nope,…. not happening, not any anytime soon anyway…
        poster models we see you hahahaha

  2. My parents also freeked out when i cut my hair….But because i was in the habit of cutting/big chopping and growing my hair, this time round (when i finally realised that I’m all about the cut life) it was more of a silent cry of defeat..?? And yes we need to do a survey and get answers.

    1. I am so glad I did cut my hair because the heat honey! Now I am stuck on which color to go for. lol

      1. We’re on the same page…I have to decide between a red or blonde shade?

        1. Platinum or a light pink is where I’m at..

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