RATING : 8/10


This movie was such a great choice by yours truly. Let me jump right into it. So Renee is a beautiful young lady who works for a company that specializes in beauty products only she is not at the headquarters with the super classy, hot and trendy ladies. She works from a really terrible small space with one guy, whose name I have forgotten. Everything about Renee screams, invisible.  People hardly noticed her, except of course her two friends. And she thought it was all because she didn’t have a ‘perfect’ body and that she was not beautiful. She even left her house one night to go and make a wish to be BEAUTIFUL at some fountain, she threw a coin and immediately took out a mirror to check for change and DOLOLO!


So of course she started going for those cycle classes so she could get the body that she wanted and now that I think of it she was the only plus size in the entire class. Day 2 after a messy and painful day 1, she had yet another painful day because her bike malfunctioned mid class and she fell and bumped her head. When she woke up she felt and saw herself differently. This is why I gave the movie, they never showed us what she was seeing but from the sound of it she was a six pack and a whole different her. She walked outta there catwalking better than Naomi Campbell, I kid you not. Imagine a person without a trace of a six pack making you touch their belly talking about, ‘do you feel that, rock hard six pack baby!’ She strongly believed some spell had changed her life and made her DREAMS COME TRUE! She was so confident she applied for a job she never would have as receptionist at her company headquarters and GOT IT. She got a guy to take her number, he didn’t call so she did and set the FIRST DATE. She entered a bikini contest and killed it but didn’t win and she was NOT bummed about it because she knew she was hot either way. She even got a promotion at her work place because she pitched in useful information for a new line they were launching, I mean come on! From RECEPTIONIST to VP, yep that high up the ladder. Along the way she bruised the only friends she ever had by trying to turn them into hotties, they drifted and felt like she was being a total you know what.

Fast forward to a trip she took with her boss to launch this line things took a left. Her bosses fine brother tried to make a move on her and she freaked out, lied about having diarrhoea and chucked him out.  She got into the shower and when she tried to exit she bumped her head cause glass doors. And when she got out she was hysterical because the ‘magic’ had worn off, she panicked and left all the info she had prepared with her ex workmate and flew back home. She even tried to go back to the cycling class so she could fall again, nope not this time. Her boyfriend set up a date, she thought he wasn’t seeing her and texted to say she was stuck at work. He was looking at her. She walked out to call and say she couldn’t make it and broke up with him over the phone. That was it, she was done. Her friends had boyfriends too and didn’t want anything to do with her. It was just her and her wine.


Until a girl she was in cycling class with told her she had an audition for a modelling spot for the line she was meant to be heading at her former workplace. She knew that girl was not the right face for that brand so she snuck in and as she was making her speech, the picture that showed opened her eyes to the reality that she never changed. She never had a six pack or whatever it is she was seeing. It was just her dressed in confidence. She conquered her fears and achieved what she wanted because CONFIDENCE.


The struggle with outward appearance grows daily. Women hate themselves and their self esteem dies because they are not what society approves as THE MARK. Listen you the mark, today, tomorrow and forever. Tall, short, chubby,plus size, slender, small boobs, big boobs, yellow, blue or green YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You can achieve really anything if you affirm yourself and dress yourself in confidence. The world will remember you and talk about you because what  society said is the mark means nothing after you rise up and soar! ARISE AFRICAN WOMAN, S/O to @Awa_Khiwe..

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