In my head all creatives are screaming and ululating because we are forever at war with fellow Africans about our importance. One time I told a certain someone that I was studying fashion and they responded, ‘ so you want to sew all your life?’ I wanted to remind them that the clothes they were wearing were thanks to someone who made the decision I made, but I realized that was not my battle. I do not know if it is karma but the very same person is in that industry now, we call it karma? They winning and I am happy for them, back to the topic. I was asleep when this came to me, so close your eyes, if you did you are funny! The next time someone moves their lips to disrespect you as a creative sit them down and say :

matter 3

“You see the chair you just sat on, a creative did that. A rock was too painful and floor became too cold for them and they thought hey, if i put wood and cushions together that is comfort.  I see the book you talked about on twitter the other day, I am reading it, its lit. That is a creatives work you know, no t that you would know. Do you have a favourite radio station? Well I won’t ask why you like it because I know why, see those people that keep you tuned in, they are creatives. Without them your life will be bland, a whole meal with no salt. Businessman you say you are, listen I just need to remind you that the photographer you call in for the shoot you need for your billboard is a creative, and so is the model, makeup artist, designer and the graphic designer. So without them you don’t have a billboard and you also don’t have a way to market your business, and that equals no cash. Oh and you are clothed because of a creative to. (Breathe but don’t let them speak.)The advert that your niece loves and sings too is creative isn’t it? See what I did there? See you buy V.I.P tickets for you  and your female entourage to the shows because firstly creatives put together a show and creatives will rock the stage and you will scream and shout and leave hundreds of dollars behind, shake what your mama gave you because CREATIVES! One more thing, your wedding day will need creatives so you might want to start liking us more, good day!”

matter 2

Do not wait for an apology or explanation, leave them on the couch a creative designed. Let that wisdom sink in. If you reading this and don’t appreciate us creatives, I hope you have changed your mind cause your world sucks without us! Ciao


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