‘Mama your words wound me, remember the power of the tongue. Please don’t scar me, I wish not to hate you for your words. Mama don’t carve my future into a mess with your tongue, I am your seed. Do you not wish me well mama? Oh mama your words are so sharp they pierce into the darkness you have set in my heart. Your voice rings in my head at night like a tape that’s stuck. I meditate on your unruly words. I want to believe I can be better but mama you say I have no chance at life. You compare me to an ant in a jar, hopeless. You say in me are demons of failure but have you not planted them in me with just the movement of your lips. I wish I could tie your tongue down but more often than once I am tongue tied after you speak. I am weakened by your curses. Did you not want me mama, is that why you named me without a thought. You have cursed me right from my name mama, what have I done to you? Was I a product of a curse? Do they not say every child is a blessing? How do I bless you when my future has been tainted by your words so dull?
I asked you to stop mama. Remember that pastor who came to you and prayed for your tongue and you chased him away right away? Remember your friend from next door, she corrected your words and you hit her with a pan? Remember when dad asked you to be positive when you speak and you told him he was the reason I was going to be a fool? Mama that was me asking, 3 times I asked you. But you refused mama so I asked God to spare me the torture of your tongue for life. I love you mama, I wish you had loved me too. ‘
*Your tongue will choke your blessing*

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