Hey you! I am not sure what signals you are trying to send with such an alias sir. All I am saying is that you can talk to me, I can keep your secret. Feel free to call me after reading this note and explain yourself.

Other than that, I hope you are well and that you are not doing that thing where you overwork yourself and ignore that your body needs to rest. If you are, please stop it! How will you spend the millions if your body is broken?! See your problem is you do not think into the future and you are honestly fumbling with my forced inheritance. You need to stop it!

I have known you for years now and I have learned so much from you, one thing I commend you for is the heart to give and to help. It comes naturally to you and I admire it. You are not afraid to share what you know, you love to see other people grow and win. You pour out so much I am not sure how you stay on a full tank. I believe it is in the giving you do that you receive your blessings, so hold onto that. Usanete.

I am here to see you achieve your goals, you work so hard and that always inspires me. Your dedication is unmatched. In fact, it is a little too much! You will be out here making the rest of us feel like we are not doing enough. Now that I think about it, I am going to need you to cut down on that, it is too much on us, this is a community request.

You don’t like hanging around people much and I am yet to figure out why that is. In all the 6 years I have known you, I have only hung out with you twice. I used to take this personally until I realized that you generally do not like hanging with people. Such a loner you are, it is ok until it is. I hope you become open to the idea of allowing people into your space.

It may be you just trying to protect yourself because well, human beings are a lot to deal with. And this I get, but life cannot really be done solo, so find your balance. Take your time though, opening up to people is a process.

That is all from me, enjoy the rest of your week!


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