For the record, this was a weird choice for an alias, but that is just who you are. I know you did this on purpose and you are a fool for it! I promise to revenge cannot let you get away with things like that, who you think you is?

Another friendship that brewed from twitter, shout out to the tweep family for blessing me with you. You are such a clown and because I too wear the costume it works. We will argue and then laugh it off, fools! But you know what else you are, intelligent. Gosh, you are smart and I see that you doubt yourself from time to time and I would like to order you to stop that, immediately! Doubt doesn’t suit you, scarecrow business.

There is nothing you will not achieve, put in the time and the effort and just go for it. You may fail, it is a part of the process, learn to get up and try again. I have failed so many times, you would not believe it. This one time I quit my job to start an events company and we organized a fashion show. We did everything we had to do and we had a handful of people attend the show.

 It was the saddest thing ever! We were fools for trying to compete with that Black Opal event, we learned the hard way. But we tried again, and the second show was way better. Almost a full house too. We had celebrities show up because they wanted to and not because we invited them. We started getting hired to set run events too. All I am saying do what you want to do and do it with your all.

You have this fear that lives in you, you say it is fear of rejection, I think it is the fear of what you can achieve. So afraid to start a new chapter that could birth change. You hide behind human beings and yet you are one not to conform to anything you do not believe in. Judging yourself so harshly and caging yourself because you know how bright your light will shine. Stop over criticizing yourself, you are who you are. If you do no take up your space then who will? We do not have another dzaddy out there. All I am saying is publish those blog posts and own them!

One of my fave songs came on and I forgot what I wanted to say, Wowza! Blame it on the music, please.

Yeeeeeessss! Now I remember. Just because some people have not accepted you or loved you for who you does not mean you are a write-off. Keep calm, stay true to yourself and be patient. It is unfortunate that the world is a mess and influence keeps shifting things around, you know what I am referring to, I hope. Stand where you stand, someone will fill the spot right next to you and it will be perfect!

That’s all from me!



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