Hey you! The moment I typed that I remembered the one time
you met me in town and I was on my hustle, waiting for a client and you showed
interest in the items I was selling. I cannot remember if you made a purchase
when you said you would but you should know that that one act gave me a tad bit
of confidence in my hustle and how I was running it. So thank you for that!

If anyone was to ask me what kind of a person you are, I would start at soft-spoken and kind. You never raise your voice or act out of character and I admire that about you. You are wise too, I would always listen to you speak when we hung and thought, hhhmmmm, he knows his things. I truly stan!

Your creativity sir! You truly inspire me, once upon a time
blogging was just an idea for me and I would watch you post and push your blog.
You inspired me, I wanted the drive and the creativity, you are partly to blame
for the confusion that was my blog back then. You have done so well,
consistency has paid off and I hope you never stop. I wonder why I have never
heard you speak at these blogging seminars, maybe you have and I just missed
them. If you haven’t, fix it please, if you have blessed were those that were
in attendance.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think you know your music, a conversation with Leo will have you doubt yourself right away. That is his superpower!  

You love and you love deeply. This happens to be a gift that could either kill you or kill you, I know because I am you and you are me. This also means when we hurt, we hurt pretty bad. It absolutely sucks! But unfortunately for us, the switch is broken and we are stuck with this life. You are not wrong for loving people the way you, it is quite unfortunate that sometimes we do not get that love back. We break but we also heal. I always say this one thing to people, when you hurt do not mask it. Allow yourself to feel, until you heal. It is just like nursing a wound, it will hurt until it won’t because it has healed.    

Take your time, there is no timeline to these things People
will always talk but there is no guru when it comes to over and it’s many
downfalls. Do not let pain change who you are or how you treat people, you are
not the problem, they are. They were not meant to be in your life, that is ok.
They changed their mind about you, that is fine too.

We only have one life and in that one life we have the
opportunity to tell a story. Tell yours and tell it well. #youbeyou



If you would like a love note too please feel free to email me on hello@becomingubu.com. Drop your alias and a short synopsis. Wait to get #Noted. 

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