I am excited to write to you because you jumped onto this faster than I could say sabotage, I appreciate the support you continue to show me and my writing. You truly are a great friend to have.

Makes me wonder if everyone else knows that outside of the super intelligent human being they see you are such a people person. I wonder if they know how much you love helping those around you and seeing them win. You would rather face a loss with your friends after trying than just sitting back and wait for life to dish something out for them, I hope you never lose that part of you.

I would like for you to know that rejection does not mean you are not enough, you are. You are perfect as you are too, do not try to change for anything or anybody. Trust me living life outside of yourself is more stressful and unfulfilling. There is no way to get used to rejection but we face it daily, everywhere, in so many ways. I need you to know that for every no you receive there is a yes waiting on the other side of the door. A bigger YES. So hang in there, allow yourself to feel, go through the motions and then get back up and show the world how great you are.

I ask of one more thing from you, this 2020 please take some time out for YOURSELF. Away from work and just experience the world around you. You and I are alike when it comes to overworking ourselves and that has to change. Hiding behind work and shutting out the idea of adventure, it ends this year. So let me know what you are doing in March that is so out of your routine. And yes, you will thank me later!

To a year of breaking free and stepping out of your comfort zone!



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