Dear Piano Eng

Aaaarrghh writing this letter has me in my feels because wow! We have been through a lot, there was a time I thought we would never speak again and here we are still bonded. I guess it goes without saying that I love you so much my friend.

Can I just throw back for a minute, remember when we were meant to go for Shoko Festival and I wanted to see Tehn Diamond perform and your ass got caught up in the dranks. I got so pissed cause we arrived and Tehn was on stage, I yelled at you and all you could say was, ‘I am sorry,’ in your drunk voice. Oh what a night that was! I miss our little escapades, we really did some living together.

You are a daddy and a husband now, I hate that I could not be there for any of these milestones, but you got to know that my whole soul was there with you. I am so jealous of your bundle of joy because they are getting all the love in the world and I know it! You probably deserve father of the decade awards throughout your life only if I get aunt of the decade awards too because eh, it must be an exchange!

I really appreciate the part you play in my life, the way you make it a point that you check on me whenever you can. I hate and love your bluntness because sometimes I just want you to shut up, you don’t care though you just say what you want to say. Obviously because you know that it is only for the best and it always is so thank you MaPiano!

I also love how you never judge me that time I am the definition of a mess. You are one of the reasons why I walked out of the judgement train, taught me to be open minded. So if you ever wake up and think you have not brought change in anyone’s life, I am here to let you know that you have done so much for me. Matter of fact count me twice.

Before I pen off, I have one request. Be kind to yourself, you are only human. You will never be perfect and that is a fact of life so you might as well start getting used to it, fast! For all the mistakes you have made, you need to take the lessons and leave everything else behind, forgive yourself.

Ok, I lied, I have a second request. Put your happiness first, you deserve peace and happiness. Sometimes you need to silence the voices that have been planted in you, society has us stuck in things we do not want to be in. Choose your path because this is your life, you only have one. You deserve to live it to the fullest. So may 2020 be the year you define your life and grab your happiness.

Lots of love


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