I can’t wait to meet you! Our interactions online have been great and your vibes are CORRECT! I absolutely love the energy to have and the drive you have when it comes to your work and brand. It is very inspiring. On lazy days you make want to get out of bed and chase the dream. Thank you!

Many things happen in life that impact our lives. This could be positively or negatively. That’s life right, we can’t really avoid it. It’s not a curse to go through tough times it’s the journey, trials find us and our job is to fight back.

We are our own heroes, you need to remember that. I learnt that friends and family, we love them but they won’t always be there when **** hits the fan. Sometimes all they can offer are kind words. Even the ones you KNOW can help won’t extend a hand.

That is ok, your drive, hard work and passion are what will get you out of the mud. Count on yourself through thick and thin. You are the strength you need.

Last thing I will say is, I don’t care how many human beings have opened their mouths to breathe words of hate towards you. I don’t care what they said about you, remember that what they said is a reflection of who they are not you. You are enough so be yourself errrrday!


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