I greet you in strength, beauty, power, and resilience. I have sung the song, ‘you are enough,’ for a very long time and here is the thing, I am not going to stop until we understand it and pass it on to our little girls. It does not matter your skin color, the shape of your body, the length or texture of your hair, you will always be enough.

You are enough because you are not measured by your physical appearance, yes the world chooses to, but you must know that what is within you is more valuable. The power that you possess is one never to be toyed with, you are capable of anything just put your mind to it and go.

We are the change that is needed, for way too long we have been weighed and placed in the home, but we belong in the high places so let us take up space. Your dream is not invalid and it is not impossible, the words of those that doubt you are not for you. It is not you that they are doubting, they are doubting themselves. Let them carry their own doubt, that is their problem.

We have stood in the sidelines, watched and wished, but now we watch, learn and move. We validate ourselves because the human race is weird, they only choose you when you have won, they want to be on your side once you have broken barriers. So imagine waiting on them? Imagine depending on them.

Your voice is your weapon, don’t let it be muffled. Scream at the top of your voice until they can not ignore you. Until your voice awakens their spirits and they latch onto your idea and believe in it. It will hurt, you will bruise, you will break but what you will not do is stay down. Our mission is to rise above it all and NEVER be forgotten.

Oh woman, take charge and be fierce. There is nothing wrong with it, we were tamed from a young age and told it is unattractive to know what you want and chase it. Unlearn this myth and throw it in the trash can where it belongs. We are the change. HAPPY WOMEN’S MONTH.


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