I was ok before you came Content with all I had but then you came 

I set my walls high enough to block all those that came 

But somehow you managed to break them down when you came

You reached for my heart I handed you goodbye

But you wouldn’t have it kept swinging by
I felt the tug and I knew it was time dish the goodbye 

But again said goodbye to the goodbye 

I lost the war before I plunged in 

I lost myself before I was in

You reached for my heart but only pulled half of it

Only cause that’s all you needed

In your head you were playing a silly game of tug of war

Only in this one you won when you got half way

You picked me up and dumped me in an ally 

So dark and cold even ghosts couldn’t reside 

You gave me broken wings and let me fly 

Told me I could soar so high yet it’s the crash landing you wanted

Every human became an enemy

Every hello was a goodbye

Every joyous moment was a gateway for sorrow

Every love was clothed in hatred

I lost me..

Me..the girl that loved strangers

        The girl that laughed during sorrowful times 

        The girl that cherished every hello

        The girl that God forever destined me to be

I lost her..

And now I have to go back to the start line

I have to re-live the brokenness and the hurt

I have to walk through the dark allies that bare those memories 

I have to cry and scream and cuss all over again

I have to lose all I lost before 

So I can find me again..

Me..the girl God destined me to be


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