Do you know what makes a man genuinely happy, as a woman? I asked myself this question one morning and I realized I have no idea. I am clueless. I learned in that second that I have been selfish in most relationships and looked out for me. I had to feel happy, feel pampered but did I ever give that back?

I asked myself if as a woman I was emotionally available for the men I have been with. I doubt, I am sure what I did was expect them to be man enough to deal with whatever they were feeling because that’s being a man. I think this happens in many women.

I think it happens because growing up we were told that things that made a man happy included, a clean home, a good meal, sex (never to deny him) and respect. By respect, they meant when he says jump we say how high. Playing back, I have cooked for men who never had the intention to marry me but I did it to secure him. I have had sex on days I did not want to because that’s how you secure the man, right?

Whilst we can agree that some women suck at house chores and all can we really say a man sets that as his bar of joy? I don’t think so because sex itself can be received anywhere! So at this point, I need a lesson at this thing of loving a man.

I asked a few women if they knew what makes their men genuinely happy. This happened:

“Being supported like if he is doing something they like to know that i care. A good sexession or make out and liking their food.” A^

“Food and sex.” M^

“I know what makes my man happy. Whiskey, rugby, jazz , and peace of mind.I give him space then gifts also make him happy.I listen and I don’t cheat or belittle him. Communication is key even for the most trivial things then generally it’s about compatibility.” S^

“Food, respect and acknowledgement that he is human too, understanding that he just wants to be alone it has nothing to do with you, sex, a reasoning person not too impulsive, some form of originality they can relate to and someone willing to learn what they like without making a fuss too much.” R^

Lesson come daily, and this right here is a topic we need to really take about ladies. Do you know what makes a man genuinely happy? CIAO!

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