This post is triggered by a recent experience with a friend.

Let me try summarise, I told myself that I would communicate better this year. Usually, when someone hurts me or does something that leaves me feeling some typa way I just smile and wave. Unhealthy!

So I pointed out something to a friend. We talked about it and I genuinely let it go. So, I am going through statutes and I reply hers jokingly and what I received ladies and gentlemen was a dose of petty! All because I was honest, I couldn’t believe it! I laughed so hard and that’s when I knew, I had to blog.

So do you belong in the petty hall of fame? Let’s find out! If you are petty, this is you…

  1. If someone did you wrong, you strongly believe they deserve to feel what you felt.
  2. You are forever right, even when you are wrong.
  3. Your reactions are LOUD and DRAMATIC.
  4. It’s party time when your enemies fail.
  5. You are the king/queen of subtweets.
  6. You wear a crown only you can see.
  7. You know what else you are? Condescending.
  8. I bet you know the petty song and have a choreography for it too!

Don’t be mad at me for who you are, lol. I know what you thinking! ‘Bu, you are petty for writing this post!’ No, no I am not, you are petty for saying I’m petty. CIAO!

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