You know how you have plans and you want them to work out so bad but life is like, ‘wah wah made you think!’ I released Ncosasa in 2017, it received with too much love and what was supposed to happen was for me to release another song early 2018. Philo and I had it all planned, we were ready. But what is ready when satan is ready to fight.  He came with every weapon he could find, I kid you not. 

With time moving I would leave a song behind to focus on one that would work for that season but something else would happen to set me back. I got depressed at some point and I was ready to close the doors to this music because it felt as though it was a waste of time. I felt like the constant set backs were me being told it was not my place, that music was not for me. But from time to time I would have someone randomly compliment my music, those two songs that I released last year. I would gain a little hope before it melts away again.

Did I mention at some point Philo lost all the files to the music, the stress we had. Guys, some moods can not be repeated and I constantly imagined ruining what could have been a good song because I had to re-record. God did the thing and he managed to recover the files. When things starting falling into place for the Double release I had my fingers crossed, tight! I knew my heart would not take another fail, a year of silence would have killed me. Nov 28, the drop happened! This for me after the struggles I went through is a WIN! #sizoimoshaidezember 

Remember, no matter how small it may seem to the rest of the world, its your big moment. Celebrate it!

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