In me there is a blade stuck in my heart, slowly turning,

Tearing apart every vein, soon to be ready for churning,

I am just but a human being God save me from this burning,

My hands are raised up high, is she not returning,

I know your timing is best but I am here yearning,

Yearning to here her speak just one more time,

Yearning to hold her hand one more time,

Yearning to sit next to her one more time,

Yearning to serve her a meal one more time,

Which clock is this that I know not of?

This clock that strikes and takes that which I am not ready to let go of,

This clock that has no mercy on my heart nor my soul,

I have been stripped of a beautiful soul,

She loved me so and with all I had I loved her,

I have been left with a bleeding heart,

Left with no words, not enough to express both my love  and pain,

Not enough to say goodbye to you beautiful soul,

The difference here is not 60

The difference is wisdom

The difference is depth of love

The difference is depth of understanding

The difference is depth of discernment

The difference is hard work

The difference is a life that is no more..

At twenty-three I let go of a eighty-three year old jewel,

I love you Gogo,so much.

May you Rest In Eternal Peace..

Lots of love


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