Welcome to my little world, my name is Nobuhle N Nyoni, also known as uBu. I am a published author, social media manager, personal blogger, and recording artist. I have a passion for self-care and self- development, on this platform I share the things I have learnt in my journey. The idea is for us to grow together, finding your true self and becoming comfortable with showing the world who you are is the goal.

I want you to know that there will never be a better time to choose yourself than right now, in this moment. Unlearning and erasing the past and the conditions that it came with is not easy but it needs to be done. Remember that we have a choice as to how our story will be told once we are gone. We only get one chance and we need to use it wisely, so ask yourself this, ‘am I writing the story I want or the one they want to read?’ 

Lastly I want to remind you that you are enough, and your dreams are valid. I spent too much time doubting myself because someone else chose not to believe in me, and I know what it is like. It feels dark, the hopelessness is crippling. Internalizing someone else’s opinion of you is the number one mistake, and there are ways to purge all internalized opinions. That is what we are doing here on becominguBu. If you did not know becominguBu translates to becoming you, so feel free to join me on this journey.