Emptied ..

Emptied into a sea..

Emptied into an entire crowd..

Left with nothing to hold on to but memories

Left with nothing to share with those to come

The crowd has a piece of me

The sea has my soul swimming in it

Emptied and unwanted

Emptied and alone

Left to listen to thyself

Left to find a way where there is no way

They shared my heart and took a road trip with it

They had me pour my heart into a glass and they drank every drop of it

Emptied for another’s joy

Emptied to save a life

Left to search for joy in the midst of sorrow

Left to catch on a few breaths

Just a vessel filled with sorrow

Just another moving corpse

Empty but open to be filled

Angry but searching for happiness

Dead but alive

Alone but surrounded by many

Empty ..

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