You are about to start seeing the hashtag #2018BOTY – Best Of The Year. So in this challenge we have a list of 25 topics and with each one we pick our best for the year and talk about it. Day 1 topic is Movie.. This for me was the hardest to pick because I watched so many movies this year. Movies from this year and ‘outdated’ movies too. So I ended up picking Everyday. The reason being it was one of the most refreshing movie I ever watched. Follow me … 

A soul had no permanent body, therefore everyday it woke up in a different body, never the same person twice but always the same age. It could not choose who it woke up in, so one day it would be female and another a male. For every time it entered a body, it had to juggle being itself and being the best possible version of who that person was, a job right. As the body swapped happened one day it woke up in the body of a guy whose girlfriend it fell in love with. For that day he was the best boyfriend ever, the original was such a prick I do not know why she stayed with him. 

Imagine the shock she had when the following day her boyfriend had no recollection of their romantic day together. Maybe that was better than the confusion that came with this soul revealing its truth to her. She moved from being confused and freaked out to falling in love with this soul. Can we just pause and let it sink in that on some days she was a lesbian, because… Yep.. Their love was pure and real, she even broke up with that fool of a boyfriend she had. Even I found myself falling in love with this adventurous soul. Do not judge me, watch the movie.

One day things spiralled outta control and the soul broke up with the young lady. For very valid reasons that even I had not thought about, marriage would not be possible, whose name would be on the marriage certificate? They would not be able to have children cause then they won’t really be his children. If he woke up in a married persons body then he would have to sneak around to see her. It would have never worked out, there was no figuring it out. And if he woke up in a different state chances are he would not be able to come back, that meant she would have to move. She was so broken, so hurt. In a moment everything fell apart for her.

Sometimes we walk into things and never think where they are leading us. We choose to live in the moment but chances are the moment will end and then what? We feel as though time is running out so we want to do everything in such a rush, we need to master the art of thinking things through before laying our time and lives down for it. Weigh the pros and cons, see if being involved means growth for you or are you bound to move ten steps backwards. A lesson I am taking with me wherever I am going, my heart can only take so much. Ciao!

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