For 18 years she never left the house because of an illness a mother told her she had, and illness that made her body vulnerable when exposed to too many germs. She wore mostly white colored clothing, she had a room that had a beautiful view of the outside, designed to make her feel like she was outside. Her social life was almost non existent, only her mother and the nurse or help were allowed to come close to her. They never had visitors over, her father and brother had passed on. I feel depressed even thinking of a life like this one.

She had never experienced being at school or hanging out with friends just the normal things that one should got through as they grow up, none of it. Then a family moved in right next door, and there was a young man. Yes, they fell in love, how you ask? They spoke over the phone, one day the young man wrote his number on his window using what looked like lipstick and there the journey began. She begged the nurse to let him come one day when the mother was away, after arguing she agreed and let him in but he was not allowed to come close to her or touch her. She dressed up for him and for the first time they hung out. The love intensified and one night the mother was away and the nurse off duty, she had a date night with him, they watched movies, cuddled and kissed. All against the rules! A few days later she saw her boyfriend’s father beat him up and she ran outside to his rescue. Her mother was furious and a few hours later she was sick.

By this time the mother knew he had been to the house because she had found a band that belonged to him, Lord knows where. This of course meant she could not see her boyfriend again, the nurse got fired and a new one was hired very old and to the point with the rules. She had bitten off the forbidden fruit so she chose to explore than die confined in the house, she booked tickets to Hawaii for her and her boyfriend and they ran off together. She left a letter for the mother, by the time she found it she was long gone. They had a great time in Hawaii together, it was the most fun she had ever had. She had told herself that it was better to die with beautiful memories than with none at all. A couple of days passed before she fell sick.

Off to hospital and back home it was, on one afternoon she got a phone call from the doctor who had treated her in Hawaii. An eye opening phone call this was, she was never sick. The reason why she got sick in the first place was because she was exposed to an environment she never had before, her body was not used to all that the air is composed off since she had been stuck in the house for years. The mother lied, for years, she lied to her. By the time she found out about this her boyfriend had left the city because it was too much for him to live across from the girl he loved and not be able to see her.
Do not let fear drive you. This girl’s mother made decisions based on fear, because she had lost her husband and son. She figured she would rather lie and steal her child’s life just so she was happy. Fear can drive you to such selfishness and it is ugly. She carried on a lie for 18 years, made her child believe that she did not have a life outside of the walls she had built. Did I mention they never opened the windows in that house, all because of a lie. The fear of loss will have you confining yourself to what feels important, it will have you forgoing the things that you should be trying out. The adventure in you dies and so does the passion, you are constantly chasing life so that when death catches up you have spent so much time being careful.

Robbing yourself of what life can give you, suffocating yourself because you have watched others die before they reached what you believed was their prime? Why live in sorrow and loneliness? Cutting out people because they might lead you to your death, death is coming either way. This is not it, crush that fear and set yourself free. Ever heard of the saying we attract what we fear? I did not say it! Spread your wings far and wide, do the things you love, take risks and just be. DO NOT LET FEAR DRIVE YOU! Ciao.

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