He stopped at the head of the corridor to let me go first, like a gentleman, though I knew that he only wanted to look at my ass shaking in that little skirt I had worn for him, pushed out more with the heels I was donning. The heels were already pinching my toes but I was learning to take my pain with the pleasure he dished out.

As if he could not hold it in, we were barely at the door when he was already grabbing and smacking my ass. I seductively wiggled my bum as I playfully avoided his hands, allowing him to unlock the door, following him into the dimly lit room.

I placed my things on the night stand and lay on the vast bed with feigned nonchalance. My whole body was buzzing and clamouring for his touch. I felt his hot presence and smelt his scent as he paced the length of the room, on a phone call with someone who seemed to want to talk his ear off forever.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him kill the call, throw his phone onto the dresser and with purposeful strides, walk to where I was lying, fully dressed to my heels. He lowered himself to me and took my lips in a harsh and hungry kiss which elicited groans from both of us when we tasted the silky heat of our tongues.

He left my lips for my neck, my cheeks, shoulders, kissing them reverently whilst whispering if this is what I had been craving. I do not remember how I assented before I felt being pulled to the foot of the bed then down on my heeled feel, little skirt hoicked up to reveal the racy lacy black panties I had put on for him.

I felt a finger slip into the panties to my already slick core which instinctively clenched around his finger when he used his free hand to slap me where the ass cheek met my leg. He dragged it out, spreading the wetness and before I knew what was going to happen next, the sharp bite of teeth on my ass cheek made me gasp.

He repeated the act on my other ass cheek, soothed the pain with his big, hot hands then successive smacks followed. Quick. Sharp. Loud. All I could do was gasp and curse even after the spanking had stopped and he had pulled my back to his front where I could feel the hot outline of his hard excitement.

He wasted no time with his belt, taking his boxer briefs down together with his pants. I felt my panties being roughly and impatiently pulled down and after I had stepped out of them, he used his leg to nudge my feet to spread wider, half my upper torso resting on the bed.

I impatiently reached from between my parted legs to grab him in the hands, teasing the velvety soft head with my thumb and spreading the pre-cum. Fuck! he muttered, swatted my hand away, spread his legs, his knees behind my legs and with one swift movement filled me.

Urgh! We both groaned when we felt the connection. He was still for a while and I felt him twitch once. When he started moving, it was the most delicious sensation ever, I must have started drooling or making greedy sounds.

By Cecilia Kamuputa

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